Periodic Use of Oil Additive Will Provide Maximum Protection

Vehicles are the same as the body, requiring intake and maintenance to keep functioning properly and can have maximum performance. If humans need food and drink, then the vehicle engine needs oil as a vitamin to maintain engine performance so that it is more durable and better in terms of durability and quality. Vitamins for cars are TriboTEX, this oil is one product that can provide many benefits for your vehicle. If you are curious, I will discuss more about this oil.

Oil Additives like TriboTEX can easily reduce oil consumption and fuel, so you can be economical. By using oil additive products, it means you reduce the expenditure of funds to purchase oil and fuel which are now increasingly crawling up. In addition, oil additive products are also able to reduce wear or friction in the vehicle’s engine, protect the engine from rust and corrosion processes, prevent settling of dirt on the engine, increase the viscosity of lubricants, etc.

It’s good if you use oil additives regularly to give maximum results. Regular use can be done when you replace lubricants, this is important to give good results in maintaining the engine and also the lubrication system in your vehicle.

Periodic use of TriboTEX will provide maximum protection against such machines, it is able to neutralize acid hazards, protect the engine and lubrication system of hot lubricant impurities so that engine parts will be maintained, oil additives are able to protect oil seals and reduce hardening in gasket. There is nothing to worry about if your vehicle is protected by oil additives, all engine problems will be easily solved.

By using an oil additive, the vehicle maintenance will be better. Nanotechnology is able to make vehicles more quality with more optimal performance. To realize a sense of comfort in driving, all car owners must use oil additives. The sound of the engine will be smoother; your family will be more comfortable in the vehicle to enjoy the trip.

To get maximum protection, car owners certainly have to know how to use oil additive products, right? Here are some rules that must be considered: Pay attention to mileage, use this oil when the vehicle has traveled 10,000 km. Pay attention to the volume of oil, use 250 ml oil additive for 3 to 7 liters of car lubricant. Use 60 ml of oil additive for 1 to 5 liters of engine oil for motorbikes, use 60 ml of oil additive for each liter of engine oil in vehicles that are categorized as heavy as trucks, buses, tractors, tow trucks, and many more.